August 2013

(last amended April 2019)

Authority for organizing the Association , and it’s purpose


This Association, The Christian Science Association of the Pupils of Jenny Lobl, C.S.B., is organized under the authority of Article XXVI, section 6, of the Manual of The Mother Church, by Mary Baker Eddy.


The purpose of this Association is to promote the students’ growth in their understanding and demonstration of the teachings of Christian Science, as set forth in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and in the inspired reading of the Bible.





Article 1. Required Officers
Article 2. Teacher’s duties

Teacher is President

Teacher elects officers and conducts the Association

When Teacher is no longer present

Article 3. Executive Committee



Executive Committee manages the Association

Subject to Teacher’s approval

Rules for voting for Exec Com memberswhen Teacher is no longer present

Article 4. Secretary –Treasurer

Who is eligible to be Secretary-­‐Treasurer?

The Secretary-­‐Treasurer’s duties


Article 5. Membership

Who are the members?



Inactive status


Article 6. Meetings

Date and place

Invitation of visitors


Article 7. Annual dues and other donations.

Annual dues

Other donations

Funds to The Mother Church


Article 8. Amending a By-­Law

Teacher reserves the right to amend By-Laws.

Rules for amending By-Laws when Teacher is no longer presiding over meetings


Article 9. SPEAKER in the absence of the Teacher

Choice of speaker


Permanence of this By-Law


Article 10. Role of spouse



Article 1. Required Officers
Section 1. The officers of this Association shall consist of the Teacher, an Executive Committee, a Chairperson of the Executive Committee, and a Secretary-Treasurer.
Article 2. Teacher’s duties
Section1.  Teacher is President
Jenny Lobl, C.S.B, our Teacher, shall be the presiding officer of this Association.
Section 2. Teacher elects officers and conducts the Association
The teacher appoints the officers, (including the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Executive Committee). The teacher conducts the Association, and her counsel and instruction regarding its affairs are to be followed where it does not conflict with these rules.
Section 3. When Teacher is no longer present
Any power given to her by these rules or any duties that may devolve upon her under these rules or By-Laws or under the By-Laws of the Manual shall in her absence be performed by the Executive Committee, unless the By-Law in question specifically gives other instructions.
Article 3. Executive Committee
Section 1.  Election
The Executive Committee shall consist of three members.
At the first election, three members will be appointed by the teacher, one for three years, one for two years, and one for one year.  At each annual Association meeting the Teacher will appoint a member for a three-year term, to replace the member of the Executive Committee who has completed their term of service.
Section 2.  Vacancies
A vacancy occurring on the Executive Committee shall be filled at the next annual Association meeting when the vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term.
Section 3. Executive Committee duties
The Executive Committee carries out duties in regard to the Association as requested by the teacher,including meeting at least once during the year.
Section 4.  Subject to Teacher’s approval
Any action taken by the executive committee shall be subject to the approval of the Teacher while she is with us.
Section 5.  Rules for voting for the Executive Committee members when the Teacher is no longer present
In the absence of the Teacher, the Executive Committee will poll all active members to ascertain those willing to serve on it.  Those willing will be the nominees.  Association members will ballot by email/mail returning their ballots not less than 3 weeks prior to the Association meeting. The nominee receiving the majority vote will be declared elected.
Article 4. Secretary –Treasurer
Section 1.  Who is eligible to be Secretary-Treasurer?
The Teacher will appoint a Secretary-Treasurer either from among the members of the Executive Committee, from the membership of the Association, or from outside the Association.  (At the teacher’s discretion this role can be split into the two separate roles of secretary and treasurer.)
Section 2.  The Secretary-Treasurer’s duties
The Secretary-Treasurer’s duties include:
  • emailing (or mailing) a notice of the time and place for the holding of the annual Association meeting at least sixty days before the date of the meeting.
  • keeping the records of the Association, including keeping the minutes of the business session at the annual Association meeting, and of the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • having charge of the funds of the Association.
  • responsibility for data protection compliance (duty of secretary)
  • other duties as might be prescribed by the Teacher
Article 5. Membership
Section 1.  Who are the members?
The membership of this Association shall consist of the Teacher, Jenny Lobl, C.S.B., and anyone who has received class instruction from her, remained loyal to the teachings of Christian Science, not withdrawn from membership, nor been suspended from membership
Section 2. Suspension
Suspension of a member from active membership shall take place only after the provisions of Matthew 18:15-17 have been strictly followed and the matter presented to the Executive Committee for action.  Upon presentation of satisfactory evidence the suspended member may apply to the Executive Committee for reinstatement as an active member.  In decisions regarding both suspension and reinstatement, the Executive Committee will confer with the Teacher.
Section 3. Withdrawal
A member wishing to withdraw from the Association should have his name removed from the current membership records.  The Association historical records will always show that the individual was class taught by the teacher, and therefore is not eligible to be taught by another Christian Science teacher.
Section 4. Inactive status
A member from whom there has been no communication for several years may be placed on “inactive status” by the Executive Committee.
Article 6.   Meetings
Section 1.  Date and place
The Association shall meet once each year.  The date and place of the meeting will be decided by the Teacher year to year.
Section 2. Invitation of visitors
The Teacher will also decide on whether to accept someone applying to attend the Association annual meeting.
Article 7.  Annual dues and other donations
Section 1. Annual dues
The Annual dues of the Association shall be not less than £50, payable prior to the date of the Association meeting, or at the Association meeting.
Section 2. Other donations
Members also have the privilege of donating to the fund of this Association at any time.
Section 3.  Funds for The Mother Church 
The Association generally makes a donation to The Mother Church each year.
At such time that the majority of the membership deems it appropriate to disband the Association, all its funds and property shall be distributed to The Mother Church for the promotion and extension of Christian Science.  This By-Law will not be amended or repealed.
Article 8.  Amending a By-Law
Section 1. Teacher reserves the right to amend By-Laws
As long as the Teacher is here she reserves the right to amend the By-Laws without submitting them for a vote.
Section 2. Rules for amending By-Laws when Teacher no longer present
When the Teacher is no longer present, the By-Laws of the Association may be amended (provided the By-Law doesn’t state to the contrary) by vote of the Association with a minimum of 45 days written notice and an affirmative vote of two-thirds of those members of the Association who voted.  The voting will be done either by email or mail, usually prior to the annual meeting.   The voting can be done at the business session of the annual meeting at the Executive Committee’s discretion.
Article 9.  Speaker in the absence of the Teacher
Section 1. Addresser needs to support church governance as set out in Manual
No one shall address this Association’s annual meeting who engages in endeavours to promote their own personal views on Christian Science  (such as circulating material critical of current church policies). Such an activity undermines the structure of church governance as outlined in the Manual, which points each member to the priority of prayer in resolving differences/adjusting situations, and provides appropriate avenues for each member to share their thoughts.
Section 2. Duty
It shall be the duty of the Teacher, or of the Executive Committee if the Teacher is absent or unable to, to determine each year that the invited speaker fulfils the criteria of section 1 of this Article.  If it is found that the invited speaker does not meet the criteria of section 1 of this Article, the invitation to address this Association will be withdrawn and another speaker will be invited who does meet this requirement.
Section3. Permanence
This rule, Article 9 of the By-Laws for our Association, cannot be revoked, amended or annulled by anyone except the Teacher.
Article 10.  Role of spouse
While the Teacher is present, her spouse may play a role in support of both the class and Association.  When the Teacher is no longer present the role of the spouse is terminated and the full responsibility for conducting the Association rests solely with the Executive Committee.  This rule, Article 10 of the By-Laws for our Association, cannot be revoked, amended or annulled by anyone except the Teacher.