Welcome everyone to our new Association website.I hope you will find this a helpful way to keep up to date with Association information. Please browse through the various pages.

You will see that the class references are posted here. Dear members, please note that these class references have gone through some changes over the years so they will not be identical with the ones you have. They will likely continue to be tweaked from year to year. Dear guests, we are reserving access to this page for our members, since you will have had your own structure for reviewing Recapitulation during Primary Class.

You will also note the bylaws are on this website for easy access. A few minor amendments have recently been made.
The site is still in its “teething” stages, so if you find any errors, please let us know.

This site is designed to be accessed on smartphone and tablet as well as deaktop. For any of you unfamiliar with accessing a website like this on a mobile device, in order to access the menu bar by which you navigate around the site you need to click the little symbol with three stripes in the top right corner of every page, including this one. When you click the three stripes the menu bar will be revealed (vertically) with the list of pages you can vist on it.