Association of the pupils of Jenny Lobl CSB

Welcome to pupils and guests of this Christian Science Association. A warm welcome to other visitors, too. If you have stopped by to inquire about attending our annual Association meeting as a guest, or generally seek information on Christian Science, please click the information button below. Pupils and Guests [This site is under construction]Further information

This is the website for general information about the teachings of Christian Science, the Church of Christ, Scientist. It also offers free access to Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, in print and audio versions.

The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel and Herald

If you want to read/hear contemporary accounts of the practicality of Christian Science this website offers that. Its landing page, in front of the paywall, has access to free articles and podcasts each week.

For those wishing to inquire about Christian Science healing or Primary Class instruction, please visit the website for my Christian Science practice and teaching. To inquire about attending Association as a guest, please email: